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When learning a new language, there are so many new expressions that are usually tied to the culture behind the language.
It's time for the speaking challenge. It'll be quick. Read and do it right away. It'll take you 3 minutes to complete, but it will spark you to think in English, express yourself in English, and imagine more! Build a story around the topic of the job interview. Here are some words to help you achieve this: B1 vocabulary: Resume Cover letter Interview Candidate Qualifications Experience Skills References Salary Promotion B2 vocabulary: resume cover letter qualifications experience skills interview recruiter candidate references offer No rush, take your time to build your story, You can take the words above or come up with your own ones. Be flexible. If you want to listen to my podcast & get additional questions - feel free to follow the link: https://www.italki.com/en/post/62x1BB3b2ohCIKhZnvQavA When you are ready to be trained by me personally - apply for me 1-1 private training now.
3 jul. 2024 03:29
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