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Tell a story based on a picture. This is a fun, educational activity that helps everyone unleash their creative potential for storytelling in the learning language.
💡You can simply learn with my 11 years of analyzed free materials, organized based on what Koreans and Korean organizations use most, in order of importance, along with my special strategies and honest feedback. Especially through my translation check, you can ㅡ read natively. ㅡ engage in free-talking on any topics using just my 10 analyzed grammars and strategies from 0 level, enabling you to communicate with Koreans with confidence and travel by yourself, while others learn with wrong materials. ㅡ can correct all the bad habits and misinformation made by previous teachers and fake contents, enabling you to master speaking, listening, reading, and writing naturally and reach a native level in just a few years. ㅡ even pass TOPIK, KIIP, and interviews in just a few months at one attempt.
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11 mei 2024 13:41
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