Post your #LanguageHacking missions here and get written and audio corrections extending your learning beyond the pages of the book. Beyond getting feedback from your #LanguageHacking missions, you can enjoy other interactive features of the Community including: 📝 Exercises - Practice and improve your skills through audio and written exercises. ❓ Questions - Got a burning question? Get unstuck here. 📄 Posts - Share your learning milestones, stories, and more. 📚 Topics - Meet, connect, and grow through language and culture discussions. More information can be found in the below article.
25 sty 2022 13:52
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The voice recording still isn't accessible for a desktop users. I'm a disabled and writing for me is a real challenge, using the smartphone too because I'm a half blind so it would be perfect if I could use a voice recording on my PC.
25 stycznia 2022
Hey, Very first time uploading a mission and have only been learning the language for a few weeks. Not sure if this is the right place to upload it. Let me know! #languagehacking #languagehackingGerman Unit 1 Final Mission
25 maja 2022
#LanguageHacking #LanguageHackingSpanish #FluentIn3Months Unit 1 Final Mission
30 stycznia 2022
Link in article doesn't go anywhere.
18 września 2022
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