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#LanguageHacking courses present a new way of language learning. Benny Lewis shares his proven memory techniques, shortcuts and strategies so you can speak from day 1 and submit missions!
Why Chinese is Easier than you think! A while back, I dedicated some time to learning to speak Mandarin, and the Internet nearly imploded at the idea of me trying to do it in a short time. I heard protests of it being the hardest language in the world, but I went ahead anyway. After a few months of learning it in Taiwan, I went on to travel over 2,000km of trains through China, learning Kung Fu from a master in a village, meeting a Buddhist monk in a monastery, making friends and using my Mandarin along the way. What I learned in this experience was that Chinese isn’t that difficult after all. Like with all the languages I learn, I focused on speaking from day one and finding shortcuts and hacks to make the learning stick. Click here to find out why learning Mandarin is easy. https://www.italki.com/article/Aumjywne3SKq3lVVaKKkJC/The-ways-you-can-make-learning-Mandarin-easy And if you’re ready to start learning, you can also check out my new book. https://go.italki.com/LanguageHackingMandarin -Benny Lewis, Language Hacker More information can be found here. https://www.italki.com/languagehacking
29 stycznia 2022
Normally, I believe in learning a language through immersion. Inspired by how children learn their mother tongue, I think that second-language learners can also learn by seeing objects, learning their names, hearing only that second language, trying to fill in the blanks of sentences' meanings, and over time learning how to ask questions to learn to address different things/ concepts. Furthermore, I think that this is the best way and the only way to bring a second language to the level of the first language. If you disagree with me, please explain your idea on what the best way to learn a second language is. If you agree with me, what do you think is the best way to mimic that way online? For example, if I have a language partner (btw, you are welcome to message me if you are interested in being one ^^) how can we apply that method effectively?
21 cze 2024 17:48
Can watching movies help improve my English?  Have you ever wondered if watching English movies can help improve your English skills? Well, it can! Movies are fun to watch and a great way to learn everyday English. Are you doing it? When interviewing my students on their strategies for improving English, I found lots of them watch movies. Some use subtitles as assistance; others try to pause, translate, or memorize and continue. Movies offer authentic, everyday English dialogues, foster listening skills, and provide cultural insights. They also serve as a source of visual context, entertaining education, and repeated language exposure. Although this method isn't used by all of my students,. How about you? What works for you? Let me know in the comment or send me a private message. Or if you'd like me private attention and support - check my class types and join one now. To Your Success Anatoly
18 cze 2024 09:00
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