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INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT FILIPINO CULTURE Filipinos are known for their vibrant personalities. They always have that unfaded smile on their faces. Do you ever wonder what makes them unique? Their culture. Let's learn a few fun and interesting facts about these smiling people from the pearl of the Orient Sea. 1. They love to help one another Helping one another is one of the famous traits of the Filipino people. It is deeply embedded in their culture. One of the traditions that proves it is the “bayanihan". It is done with the whole group of men in the neighborhood by lifting a wooden house (Nipa Hut) of their neighbor who wants to transfer their house to a different part of the community. This tradition is still practiced in the provinces of the Philippines. 2. Filipinos are very resilient We all know that the Philippines always experiences strong typhoons every year, and they're also the country that's visited with tons of earthquakes. One infamous calamity that hit the islands of the Philippines way back November 2013 was Typhoon Haiyan, also known as “Super typhoon Yolanda ". It killed over 6,000 people and almost buried the hopes of the Filipino people during those tough times. However, it even made the Filipino people stronger through their faith and helping one another to get back and stand up firmly with a wide smile. 3.Filipinos value their family on a whole different level In the country, it is always family first. Filipino people loves and treasure their family. Whether you're a part of the immediate family or you belong to the third or fourth generation, you are still considered and treated as a family. The good thing about our culture is that even our closest friends are considered family too. 4. The Filipinos are known for being very religious. Religion is deeply carved in the hearts of Filipinos, whether you are Catholic, Muslim, or from any other religion. Their faith is stronger than the typhoons that hit them.
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