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WHAT IF THE WORLD BECOME VEGAN?* Experts argue that a global change to a vegetarian diet would be dangerous. Many regions in the world depend on imported proteins and this has an environmental cost. In two thousand and seventeen**, a study made in the Polytechnic Institute of Virginia shown what would happen if the whole population of U.S.A. became vegan: - Lands designated for cattle raising would become farmlands. - The farm waste would augment because there would not be enough animals to consume it. Its incineration would produce two million tons of CO2 per year to the atmosphere. - Almost all the plant food would be manufactured by the chemical industry, and it would add twenty three million tons more of CO2 emissions per year. - In respect to the current situation, in this vegan country the total CO2 emissions would be reduced by twenty eight percent. However, the population would be affected by calcium, B12 vitamin, and some fat acid deficiency. - The quantity of food would raise twenty three percent, because farming produced more per hectare than cattle raising. - Many animals would have to be killed. In England, a reduction of seventeen percent in the last ten years was supposed: thirty five percent of land released for other uses; save twenty three percent of water; and twenty eight percent less of CO2 emissions. Nevertheless, the national goal is to achieve a thirty percent of meat consumption, off of the current one, by 2030. (*) If some expressions are too much informal, correct them. Please. (**) I've decided to write down all the numbers in letters to practice my spelling.
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THE SECOND WORLD WAR: ITS INFLUENCE IN JAZZ MUSIC IN THE STATES What effect had the Second World War in the jazz music field in the United States? In genereal, the conflict was positive to this music. The Special Services' military units allowed thounsands of youngters to play music day and night, when before only a few musicians could make a living of their art. Night clubs in big cities were crowed with soldiers on leave, which increase the demand of jazz combos and orchestras. The military radio stations carry the popular and jazz music to every place where American Army Forces were based. Ironically, even enemy's propaganda agences crontributed to spread American music. They tried to lure opponents to an "idyllic paradise" through the emission of jazz tunes. A Japanese radio announcer became the favorite one of American soldiers in the Pacific. As a result, the general public got used to an ambiance marked for jazz and dance music and a lot of musicians could work full-time. The most recognized musicians became national heros, the names of Dorsey, Miller, Basie, goodman or Ellington woudl resonate even in the most remote places of the states.
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Ces derniers jours, j'ai commencé à fair des exercices de fitness de haut du corps, Ma mère cherche une vidéo d'entraînement qui soit un mélange de danse et de fitness. Lundi, je lui ai demandé : "Hey, tu as trouvé quelque chose ?" Elle a répondu : "Pas encore. Tu te souviens de cette vidéo, 'Petit casquette Rouge' par Jungdayeon, l'influenceuse fitness ? Je la suivais avant." J'ai trouvé la vidéo dont elle parlait et je lui ai dit : "Oui, je l'ai regardée. Ce n'était pas vraiment ce à quoi je pensais, cependant." Aujourd'hui, maman est déterminée à trouver de nouvelles vidéos de danse fitness. Je lui ai mentionné comment j'utilise des bouteilles d'eau pour renforcer mes bras." En soirée pour eux et en après-midi pour moi, je lui ai demandé : "Hey, vous êtes partants pour une promenade après le dîner ?" Maman a répondu : "Bien sûr, nous venons de finir le dîner. Je vais aller à la place devant la mairie. Je veux voir les personnes qui font généralement de la danse en plein air là-bas." Cela m'a fait réfléchir parce qu'elle en parle beaucoup ces derniers temps avec papa.
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