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You don’t need to waste time on too many wrong materials and processes that confuse you over decades and make you stagnant and regress with a lot of misinformation and bad habits. ⭕ LEARN HOW TO READ NATIVELY BY MAKING INTERMEDIATE KOREAN SENTENCES. POSSIBLE EVEN AS A COMPLETE BEGINNER! ⭕ MEMORIZE BY ORGANIZING MY GRAMMAR EXACTLY FIRST! (YOUR INDEPENDENCE) Koreans and Korean organizations use the most in order of importance. my 10 grammars = Free-talking with any topics. ⭕ UNLIMITED CONJUGATION CHECK BY ASKING ‘ONE WORD’ (YOUR INDEPENDENCE) [ASK ONE WORD – 다 + PUT MY GRAMMAR AS IT IS] *Vocal frying (Focus on your chin or front tooth) + Imagination + Gradually faster like native speakers with a rhythm of 2 or 3. ⭕ TRANSLATION CHECK AND REAL PRACTICE WITH MY ANALYZED TOPICS *My conjugation and translation strategy that you can use to identify your misinformation, correct your bad habits from previous teachers, and master your speaking, listening, writing, reading, and real practice with real confidence simultaneously. SUBJECT DETAILS UNLIMITED CONJUGATION PRACTICE [ASK ONE WORD – 다 + PUT MY GRAMMAR AS IT IS]
I think I'm going to have dinner
저녁을 먹인 것 같아요
저녁을 먹을 것 같아요
저녁을 먹은 것 같아요
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