In a Resume, How I say I have full availability to travel; Willing to travel?
3 mar 2014 09:46
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You may say the following depending upon your choices:


Willing to travel nationally.


Willing to travel internationally.


Willing to travel 50%, 70% etc. depending upon what you think the maximum percentage of your job time you can afford to travel.


Relocation is different and it again can be locally or internationally.


<em>Based on above examples you can compose a sentence of your own combining all your options. If you have any difficulty you are welcome to write to me.</em>

3 marzo 2014
Willing to relocate and travel for business.
3 marzo 2014

Thanks all for yours answers! I will choose " Willing to relocate and travel for business", It sounds better haha

3 marzo 2014
Hi Manuel, You can say "I am willing to travel"
3 marzo 2014