Is the word "sissy" offensive or insulting?
12 ago 2020 17:02
Risposte · 5
Yes, children/teenagers could say don't be a sissy (don't be a coward) but it also has a sexual reference which is offensive to some.
12 agosto 2020
Yes, definitely.
14 agosto 2020
Yes. It's also grossly sexist. Don't use it.
12 agosto 2020
Yes, usually, particuarly when addressed to a boy or man. Sometimes, though, a sister might be called "sis"or "sissy", and then this is just a normal, affectionate nickname. There was a very well known actress, Sissy Spacek. There is apparently a particular subculture where the "girlish" meaning for a man is regarded not as an insult but a compliment, but I have no direct experience of that.
12 agosto 2020
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