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Yim JinBae

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* Helpful Korean phrases * Popular Korean culture * Everyday dialogue 👨‍🏫
Откуда Республика КореяГде живет: Seoul, Республика Корея (08:24 UTC+09:00)
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Преподает на italki с 29 Oct 2021 г.
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PLEASE don't book a lesson through Zoom T_T (It doens't work on my PC) ★ PLEASE ONLY book a lesson through Google Meet or Italki Classroom 안녕하세요, I'm Jinbae. I am a freelance illustrator and Korean teacher living in Seoul, South Korea. I like teaching and helping students who sincerely want to learn Korean. They make teaching worthwhile. 💪My strength: a relaxed classroom My goal is to make learning fun and meaningful, so I try to relieve negative emotions as much as possible During class, l want you to feel comfortable...like you're talking with a friend. At the end of the day, you will enjoy learning the language and actually learn it faster.
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Пробный урок
Завершено уроков: 498
USD 10.00+
Intermediate Course- 중급 과정
B1 -  C1

Разговорная практика

Завершено уроков: 1,351
USD 13.00+
Basic Course(Korean alphabet)- 기초 단계
A1 -  A2


Завершено уроков: 1,754
USD 13.00+


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Ученик Peter Robson
Peter Robson
Уроков: 33, язык: корейский
Выбор преподавателя
Jin Bae is a fantastic teacher. He has the patience of a saint and excellent humour. His lessons are always fun and I have learnt so much already. Thank you 🙏 don’t hesitate to book!
21 июня 2024 г.
Ученик Nickesha Yaw
Nickesha Yaw
Уроков: 19, язык: корейский
Выбор преподавателя
Love him lol he keeps me focus and I'm actually learning some thing. Every lesson he goes over what we've already done ,he asked about my day and we learned something new. He's very involved and he...he's a teacher and I love it and I'm actually learning. Which is crazy so if you're new or intermitted, he's amazing.
9 мая 2024 г.
Ученик 트레비스
Уроков: 13, язык: корейский
Выбор преподавателя
I'll be pretty honest he's probably one of the best teachers on this app. Super chill and is very aware of how to connect with those he's teaching. I'm not even sure how many lessons I've had with him but I knew from the first trial lesson that he'd be a good person to learn from and chat with. Our classes don't even feel like classes it really just feels like I'm chatting with a friend. I know some might think that's not what they want from a teacher but the thing is he can probably be a more 'teacher' type teacher if you ask, I simply just have not. Not sure what lesson I'm on but it won't be the last one either. I'd recommend him to anybody.
31 июля 2023 г.
Ученик Beatrice
Уроков: 29, язык: корейский
I will always recommend Jinbae as a teacher.
9 июля 2024 г.
Ученик Beatrice
Уроков: 29, язык: корейский
Would recommend Jinbae as teacher to anyone.
2 июля 2024 г.
Ученик Beatrice
Уроков: 29, язык: корейский
Great teacher, so patient and understanding.
25 июня 2024 г.
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