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Bonjour! Je suis Nathalie. Je suis une française, née à Paris. Le français est ma langue maternelle, et je n'ai pas d'accent particulier. J'habite maintenant à Lille, une ville du nord de la France. Je parle également anglais, et j'ai quelques notions d'espagnol. Hello! I am Nathalie. I am french, and I was born in Paris. French is my native langage, and I don't have any accent. I am currently living in Lille, a city in the north of France. I also speak English.
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Rebecca West
Уроков: 18, язык: французский
Выбор преподавателя
I absolutely ADORE working with Nathalie - and I hesitate to write that because I want to keep her all to myself! She's delightful and engaging and encouraging, and make me *want* to show up to my lessons and work on my French. She's creative in her teaching, and makes great use of tools that help her clients succeed outside of class too. If I could give her a 100 stars, I would!
8 июля 2023 г.
Уроков: 39, язык: французский
Выбор преподавателя
J'ai pris des cours avec Natahlie pendant plus d'un an. Elle est brillante, gentille et expressive. En classe avec Natalie, on peut toujours pratiquer le français de manière confortable. En fait, après avoir préparé un entretien avec Nathalie, j'ai été accepté à l'université de France xD Je recommande à tout le monde un cours avec Nathalie !!
19 мая 2023 г.
Hayley Mervini
Уроков: 26, язык: французский
Выбор преподавателя
Nathalie is SUCH A JOY she will make your language learning journey so easy and fun! She has lots of resources, tons of energy, and the absolute right attitude for helping someone speak a new language. I never feel discouraged and she finds ways to correct and instruct me that never feel condescending or out of place! I can already notice improvements in my understanding from our lessons during my daily practicing, and it feels so great to know the vocab and grammar are starting to stick! Thanks so much Nathalie, à bientôt! :)
22 июля 2022 г.
Уроков: 23, язык: французский
Nathalie is a fantastic teacher! She really makes learning French fun. My teen no longer dreads having to study for a test now.
21 нояб. 2023 г.
Rhian Margaret Ellis
Уроков: 4, язык: французский
Nathalie est très sympa! Le leçon était super bon!
16 нояб. 2023 г.
Уроков: 5, язык: французский
Nathalie listens to what I want to accomplish in the lesson and then easily inserts her instruction and answers to my questions with the appropriate French. She is a wonderful instructor.
11 нояб. 2023 г.
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