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Откуда ФранцияГде живет: Chengdu, Китай (11:54 UTC+08:00)
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Преподает на italki с 15 Apr 2022 г.
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Hello! I'm Eamon 🙋‍♂️. Born and nurtured in the heart of France 🇫🇷 by a quintessential French mother and a spirited Irish 🇨🇮 father, I carry with me the richness of both cultures. My passion for the French language 🗣️ has driven me to teach it at the university level for close to half a decade 📚. Wanderlust runs in my veins ✈️. My journeys across the globe 🌍 have fostered a deep appreciation for diverse cultures, delectable cuisines 🍲, and the art of language acquisition 🗨️. After immersing myself in the vibrant tapestry of the Arab world 🌙 for several years, I found my next calling in China 🇨🇳, where I continue to share the beauty and nuance of the French language.
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Ученик Jason
Уроков: 5, язык: французский
Выбор преподавателя
Lessons with Eamon are a joy! Very interactive. His approach to language learning feels like the natural way to learn.
17 янв. 2023 г.
Ученик Cindy
Уроков: 12, язык: французский
Выбор преподавателя
If you are serious about improving your French skills, Eamon is the teacher to go to. Eamon has been teaching me for the past 3 months and I’ve became more fluent because of him. He is very patient and goes above and beyond for his students. For instance, he sends me recordings of pronunciations, corrects my French paragraphs (as I was preparing for an exam), creates a Google doc with all my errors, does extra research (in terms of what you are preparing for) Eamon is very flexible and is able to adjust to your needs. For example, I was preparing for a job exam in French as he was able to better help me prepare it with his unconventional style of teaching. His teaching methods are very effective as he is able to guide conversations and ask meaningful questions. He is very observant as he is able to correct your errors and he’s serious about your learning and achieving your language goals. I would 100% recommend Eamon if you are seriously looking to improve/become fluent in French!
8 окт. 2022 г.
Ученик Claire Beckett
Claire Beckett
Уроков: 12, язык: французский
Выбор преподавателя
I'm really enjoying my conversation sessions with Eamon. He always comes with interesting, yet challenging questions. He also makes sure to correct my vocabulary/grammar mistakes in a way that is helpful but doesn't take away from the flow of the conversation.
23 сент. 2022 г.
Ученик Polina
Уроков: 3, язык: французский
You are the best - thank you!
15 мая 2024 г.
Ученик Nathalie
Уроков: 2, язык: французский
It was an excellent class! Eamon is so evolved and very intelligent!
13 мая 2024 г.
Ученик Polina
Уроков: 3, язык: французский
8 мая 2024 г.
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