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Преподает на italki с 9 Aug 2018 г.
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I’m Kanako, native Japanese speaker, born and raised in countryside of Japan. I learnt Ikebana for 14 years. Ikebana (also known as Kado) is Japanese traditional flower arrangement. I love Japanese cultures and food. I have lived in Canada and New Zealand for 1 year each, and England for 2 years. I love art, coffee, Japanese tea, dogs, eco-friendly ideas, design, fashion, traveling etc.
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Ученик David
Уроков: 91, язык: японский
Выбор преподавателя
I’ve taken many lessons with Kanako-sensei. She is an excellent teacher who creates a very comfortable and supportive environment in which to improve your Japanese through fun and interesting conversations. Kanako-sensei has helped me learn new vocabulary and expressions, identify and fix bad habits and improve my overall Japanese conversation skills. If you’re interested in improving your Japanese conversation skills and having fun while doing it, I highly recommend her.
28 мар. 2022 г.
Ученик charlie
Уроков: 175, язык: японский
Выбор преподавателя
I've done weekly lessons with Kanako-sensei for about 4 months now, so I thought I'd write an English review with my thoughts for anyone interested. Lessons with Kanako-sensei are always fun, comfortable, and helpful. Her informal teaching style is great for conversation practice - I was so nervous the first time, but now I'm finding that I can build sentences and clauses more quickly in natural conversation, thanks to speaking practice with her. She uses Skype chat to make notes on new vocabulary, sentences I made mistakes on, or more complex sentences we make together, so I can look at them more later. She always has something interesting to talk about or a good question to ask, even when I haven't thought of much to talk about that day. And finally, she is kind and patient when correcting - even if I say something silly like "そうと思う” instead of ”そう思う" 5 times in the same lesson, she'll always gently correct, which I am very grateful for. Thanks for everything so far :)
5 янв. 2021 г.
Ученик Damon
Уроков: 222, язык: японский
Выбор преподавателя
Kanako is an excellent teacher. She's very friendly, so it's easy for a student to feel comfortable talking with her. She provides useful suggestions about grammatical mistakes and better word choices. Also, she writes a lot of phrases down so the student can review them later.
16 нояб. 2019 г.
Ученик Damon
Уроков: 222, язык: японский
13 апр. 2024 г.
Ученик Frida Ahonen
Frida Ahonen
Уроков: 12, язык: японский
7 апр. 2024 г.
Ученик Dara
Уроков: 6, язык: японский
7 апр. 2024 г.
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