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Sophia Lee

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Best!! Get balanced progress in all areas with a reliable teacher experienced over 15 years!!
Откуда Республика КореяГде живет: Seoul, Республика Корея (06:19 UTC+09:00)
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Hello. I am Sophia Lee, living in Seoul, Korea and a native speaker of Korean. I speak complete standard Korean, and I am a very good speaker and writer in Korean. I am interested in various things, such as reading, writing, travel, music, art, movies, culture, food, history, science, Health, animals.... I have over 15 years experience in Teaching as a Korean and English teacher, and I got a certificate in Teaching Korean about 15 years ago. I majored in English literature and have good knowledge in English. I lived in Canada for about 5 years in the past as well.
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Уроков: корейский

Пробный урок
Завершено уроков: 45
USD 19.00+
1. Structured Lessons with textbooks(55 & 85 min) : Absolute Beginner to Intermediate level
A1 -  B2


Завершено уроков: 1,788
USD 21.00+
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2. Structured Lessons with textbooks(55 & 85 min) : Upper Intermediate to Advanced Level + Formal Writing
B2 -  C2


Завершено уроков: 92
USD 34.00+
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3. Conversational Korean Or Composition(55 & 85 min) : Focused on Speaking or Writing
A1 -  C2

Разговорная практика

Завершено уроков: 162
USD 34.00+
Пакет со скидкой 2%
4. High Advanced/Academic/Business Korean. Or Test Preparation(TOPIK or KIIP) (55 & 85 min)
B2 -  C2

Подготовка к тестам

Завершено уроков: 85
USD 37.00+
Пакет со скидкой 2%
5. For Special Needs & Help [* Need Permission]
A1 -  C2


Завершено уроков: 4
USD 50.00+
6. Group Class_ for 2 students [* Need Permission]
A1 -  C2


Завершено уроков: 377
USD 54.00
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Ученик Laura Warfield
Laura Warfield
Уроков: 136, язык: корейский
Выбор преподавателя
I’ve been studying with Sophia Lee for a couple of years now, and I am so happy with her! I started the summer after my first year of college Korean (because I didn’t want to forget everything over the summer). Our sessions were so helpful that I kept them going through my second year of college Korean and beyond. She is very good at identifying my trouble spots and giving them remedial attention. (I am an older student, and I am trying to learn thoroughly.) Her friendly personality, patience and good sense of humor make our lessons a pleasure. And I really appreciate the way she brings to my attention all kinds of cultural items that she knows will interest me (music, food, art, even gardening). You won’t find a better Korean teacher than Sophia Lee!
24 мар. 2023 г.
Ученик Soh Chin Gi
Soh Chin Gi
Уроков: 67, язык: корейский
Выбор преподавателя
Teacher Lee is very systematic in teaching all aspects of the Korean language, from grammar rules, to vocabulary. She includes listening, reading, speaking and writing in her lesson activities and homework which helps me learn better. The homework assigned is fun and meaningful, and reinforces what was taught in the lesson. Teacher Lee also goes beyond the textbook material and teaches additional vocabulary and grammar points. Thank you Teacher Lee for teaching me Korean language so far! I look forward to many more lessons with you. :) 많은 것을 배웠다. 감사합니다 !
17 мая 2022 г.
Ученик Paul paping
Paul paping
Уроков: 211, язык: корейский
Выбор преподавателя
Sophia is a very experienced teacher with lots of patience who has a unique ability to clearly explain Korean grammar. I've been learning with Sophia for over a year now and I've seen my Korean reading, writing and speaking  greatly improve over this time.
9 июля 2021 г.
Ученик Shirvaun McGrath
Shirvaun McGrath
Уроков: 17, язык: корейский
I completed my first full session with Sophia Lee yesterday, and it was amazing. She really goes into depth with grammar explanations. After one lesson I can already understand the correct way to use several beginner grammars that I was misusing. Before learning grammar, Sophia would ask questions to assess my understanding of the grammar rule. This allowed us to quickly review what I already knew, and to focus on the aspects that I didn’t. She facilitates practice of the grammar you learnt by asking you to practice translating English sentences into Korean. It's challenging but is amazing practice, especially as I can see myself using those sentences in real life. During our lessons, Sophia takes notes in the chat, which is incredibly helpful because it allows me to focus on the material without worrying about taking detailed notes myself. Overall, Sophia Lee is an exceptional teacher whose teaching style suits me perfectly. I highly recommend taking lessons with her.
3 апр. 2024 г.
Ученик Laura Warfield
Laura Warfield
Уроков: 136, язык: корейский
Sophia is a gifted and dedicated teacher. She works hard to make sure I understand my mistakes and always encourages me to do better. I am so glad I found her!
28 нояб. 2023 г.
Ученик Toni Broadbelt
Toni Broadbelt
Уроков: 87, язык: корейский
Sophia 선생님 is very good at explaining complex grammars and sentence structures in a way that’s make it understandable. She’s patient and gives you ample examples to ensure understanding is clear. The material she suggests are based on her assessment of your level of Korean. I highly recommend her, you will not regret it.
11 окт. 2023 г.
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