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Learning Italian maybe is not easy, but can be easier! Hack your Italian with me ;)
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Hi! My name is Raffaele, I’m 31 years old and I teach Italian in France. I was born in Benevento but I lived almost 10 years in Rome, where I studied Philosophy and Journalism. After the university I worked in a media monitoring company. I play the guitar and the violin, I speak three foreign languages (French, English and Spanish), I love doing sports and reading. I have a lot of interests, and I'm sure we can quickly find something in common!
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🚀 Hack Your Italian - From 0 to Fluency
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😍 Italian for Children - Canta, gioca, impara!
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✍️ "M'illumino d'immenso" - Write like an Italian Poet
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💼 Business Italian - Formal Conversation, E-mails, CV, Motivational Letter
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I have been very impressed with Raffaele; he has enabled me to learn far more Italian than I thought possible over the past year. I've only spent about 15 minutes a day working on it in-between 45 minute sessions with him every week or two. Literally, whenever I have a few minutes I can use his materials and approach to make progress. I had previously thought it wasn't worth trying to learn a language with such a small time commitment, but he shows that it's definitely worth it! He introduced me to Anki and has provided very helpful materials to support my learning. His teaching approach is also very focused, attentive, and creative. Grazie Raffaele!!
29 сент. 2023 г.
Christina Ledger
Уроков: 116, язык: итальянский
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Le lezioni passano velocemente perché sono divertenti, interessanti e hanno un mix di grammatica e parlato intrecciati. Il suo stile di insegnamento è unico e fresco, il che è così importante se stai cercando di imparare la lingua da un po'. Mi piacciono molto le mie lezioni ogni settimana.
23 авг. 2021 г.
Уроков: 113, язык: итальянский
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My kids are really enjoying every lesson they had with Maestro Raffaele and they don't want to miss one. He makes lessons fun and interesting. Kids fall in love with reading because they can be part of the story, never complaining about extra effort. He explains things patiently until kids understand the information. We really appreciate the help that Maestro Raffaele is giving to us.
14 сент. 2020 г.
Уроков: 11, язык: итальянский
I really liked my first trial lesson with Raffaele. He was clear, fit lots into our half an hour and it helped me realise how useful it will be having conversations rather than settling for using an app. I am looking forward to more lessons and developing my Italian!
19 сент. 2023 г.
Уроков: 9, язык: итальянский
Come sempre, un'ottima lezione. Raffaele prepara ottimi compiti che sono proprio al mio livello corretto.
7 сент. 2023 г.
Уроков: 8, язык: итальянский
First lesson with Raffaele after the trial lesson! It was super helpful, there were a lot of exercises to help practice speaking and listening. I've learnt new words today and I like the fact that different materials were used and I feel like I could learn and improve much more quickly and efficiently.
5 сент. 2023 г.
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