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Learning Italian with Margherita - A1 to C2
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Ciao, mi chiamo Margherita e vengo da Reggio Emilia. Mi sono laureata in Lettere moderne (Università di Milano) e in un Master per insegnare italiano agli stranieri (Università Ca' Foscari, Venezia). Amo leggere, studiare le lingue straniere e fare sport! Hi, I'm Margherita, and I'm from Reggio Emilia, Italy. I graduated in Modern Humanities (Milan) and in Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language (Venice). I'm a passionate reader and I love learning foreign languages and playing sports! Olá, sou Margherita e sou de Reggio Emilia. Formei-me em Literatura Moderna (Milão) e no mestrado para ensinar italiano a estrangeiros (Veneza). Amo ler, estudar idiomas estrangeiros e praticar esportes!
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Ученик Helen Nomura
Helen Nomura
Уроков: 72, язык: итальянский
Выбор преподавателя
I always look forward to my Italian lesson with Margherita. She is a wonderful teacher. Lessons are organized, interesting and prepared for my individual needs. After each lesson she provides notes that I find useful and which I like to review. She spends time and considerable effort preparing each lesson. But if there is a specific subject or grammar point I would like to review, she will help me with my interests. Margherita provides great feedback, she is always supportive. I’m a shy person and have felt anxious when speaking Italian. Margherita has helped me tremendously with speaking and communicating in Italian. Non vedo l’ora per la prossima lezione con Margherita!
5 сент. 2022 г.
Ученик Matthew
Уроков: 79, язык: итальянский
Выбор преподавателя
"Super ottimo!" as Margherita says. I'm super impressed by how consistently excellent she is. In particular, she is extremely motivating, professional, and passionate about teaching Italian. Margherita immediately creates a welcoming and friendly ("cosy") environment at the start, which will leave you motivated and smiling the entire lesson. Feedback on mistakes is given gently, and she makes sure to highlight your strengths as well. During the lesson, she is 100% focused on you, taking notes and listening closely. She is also excellent at rephrasing concepts in simpler terms if I didn't understand something the first time. After the lesson, she delivers her notes in a PDF summary of the lesson. Lastly, her passion for teaching is evident from the start, and I can tell that she is super genuine and invested in her students. Even outside of lessons, she makes herself available for questions via DM. Overall, I'm impressed with Margherita and look forward to many more lessons!
12 февр. 2022 г.
Ученик Brian Beyer
Brian Beyer
Уроков: 11, язык: итальянский
Выбор преподавателя
Wow! What an outrageously good lesson! I haven't used my Italian for quite some time, and Margherita made me feel perfectly comfortable from the outset. The lesson was very language focused, and her background in language pedagogy was obvious. At the end of a lesson she gave me a document with detailed notes on the lesson, including both things that I did well as well as new words and some points of grammar. Really, I don't think you could ask for a more professionally run or better lesson.
27 авг. 2021 г.
Ученик Robin
Уроков: 4, язык: итальянский
I always enjoy my lessons with Marguerita! She is patient, explains things very well, and is always prepared for my lesson. I also love the feedback she provides with all the notes from our class. Highly recommend!
19 июня 2024 г.
Ученик Matheus Franca
Matheus Franca
Уроков: 21, язык: итальянский
Marguerita is an exceptional teacher who combines well-structured lessons with a generous dose of humor and the freedom to explore a wide array of topics. This approach not only makes learning Italian enjoyable but also highly engaging. She's particularly encouraging, always motivating me to speak and express myself in Italian, which boosts confidence and fluency. A huge plus is the lesson summaries she provides, which are great for reviewing material and tracking progress. Thank you Marguerita! :D
12 апр. 2024 г.
Ученик Charlie Roffe
Charlie Roffe
1 урок, язык: итальянский
Margherita is a pleasure to learn Italian with. She has a positive, engaging, and structured teaching style. I will continue my lessons with her.
9 апр. 2024 г.
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