Преподаватель языка: китайский (путунхуа), Annabel


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китайский (путунхуа)
Владение языком
✅6+ years of teaching experience ✅Kids/Adults ✅Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced ✅HSK
Откуда КитайГде живет: Beijing, Китай (15:32 UTC+08:00)
Обо мне
Преподает на italki с 25 Feb 2020 г.
Интересующая темаПутешествияЗдоровьеСпорт
Hi everyone! I am Annabel from China.I am outgoing, and I'd like to make friends with all of you. As a native speaker, I would like to help and teach anyone who wants to learn or improve Chinese. I hope we can meet soon and become friends. I look forward to having you join my class. Let's grow together here on italki and make some good memories. Are you ready? ❤️Learn free Chinese from my YouTube and Facebook page :AnnabelChinese
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Уроков: китайский (путунхуа)

Пробный урок
Завершено уроков: 106
USD 5.00+
For students with no foundation 零基础中文
A1 -  C2


Завершено уроков: 338
USD 12.90+
Пакет со скидкой 7%
中文日常对话练习(Daily conversation practice)Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
A1 -  C2


Завершено уроков: 496
USD 11.90+
Пакет со скидкой 8%
Chinese lesson for kids( over age 2 )(中文课)
A1 -  C2


Завершено уроков: 558
USD 11.90+
Пакет со скидкой 6%
A1 -  C2

Подготовка к тестам

Завершено уроков: 187
USD 12.90+
Пакет со скидкой 7%
Only for my old kids students (who took lessons with me by November 2023)
A1 -  C2


Завершено уроков: 98
USD 11.00+
Пакет со скидкой 9%
Only for my old adult students ( who took classes with me by November 2023)
A1 -  C2


Завершено уроков: 69
USD 10.50+
Пакет со скидкой 6%


На основе вашего часового пояса (UTC+00:00)

Отзывов: 176

Ученик Language with Ixchel
Language with Ixchel
Уроков: 3, язык: китайский (путунхуа)
Выбор преподавателя
I'm so grateful to have worked with Annabel. She was extremely kind and helped me a lot with my pronunciation! I definitely look forward to working with her! 🌸
9 мая 2021 г.
Ученик Candace Triplett
Candace Triplett
Уроков: 5, язык: китайский (путунхуа)
Выбор преподавателя
Great class today! I enjoyed the topic and I learned a lot of new words and how/where they go in sentences. I really liked that she had me try to make my own sentences with the new vocabulary. I am looking forward to our next lesson.
8 нояб. 2020 г.
Ученик Martina Boerst
Martina Boerst
Уроков: 29, язык: китайский (путунхуа)
Выбор преподавателя
Very patient, a lot of fun, really good teacher and great personality. Our eight year old son, who hates schoolwork really likes the lessons with Annabel
22 апр. 2020 г.
Ученик bodhi ruprecht
bodhi ruprecht
1 урок, язык: китайский (путунхуа)
She was great. She had my 7 year old engaged the whole time while learning.
16 апр. 2024 г.
Ученик Nikolay Voznyak
Nikolay Voznyak
Уроков: 11, язык: китайский (путунхуа)
Annabel 老师 provides good teaching materials and knows how to explain the difficult language structures in easy terms. There is a balanced combination of speaking, listening, and reading during the lessons. I really enjoy my classes.
10 апр. 2024 г.
Ученик Britnie (&Hadassah)
Britnie (&Hadassah)
Уроков: 5, язык: китайский (путунхуа)
Thank you for a great lesson! The grammar examples were really helpful!
6 апр. 2024 г.
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