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Преподает на italki с 31 Aug 2021 г.
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Hello everyone and welcome to my profile😀 "I DONT TEACH FUSHA / MSA" I am from Egypt and currently live in Giza. Arabic is my mother tongue, so I speak the Egyptian dialect and Modern Standard Arabic. I discovered my passion for learning languages, especially English, when I was in high school, and this is why I chose my degree in English language and literature. After finishing my degree, I am happy to say that I now speak English fluently as a second language. Currently, I am learning Spanish. I enjoy teaching and learning languages and I am interested in cultural and language exchange. I am excited to meet new people from around the world. Looking forward to seeing you in my class😀
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арабский (египетский)
арабский (литературный)
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Yalla Masry 101 (Conversation practice) *NOTE* I DON'T TEACH FUSHA / MSA
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Yalla Masry 101 (Conversation practice for couples) *NOTE* I DON'T TEACH FUSHA / MSA
A1 -  C2

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USD 12.00+
'How do you say?' (Your Personal Egyptian Arabic Phrase Guide)
A1 -  C2

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арабский (египетский)
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Abdeen has been an awesome Egyptian Arabic teacher! As a teacher, he adapts the lessons to my needs and is always very flexible. I've made several trips to Cairo and have hired him as a tour guide. We went horseback riding around the pyramids and it was great to have him with me to avoid the scams of the sellers in the area. We also went to restaurants and museums together. I also hired him for immersive lessons throughout Cairo where he helped me converse with the locals and name the things around me. It's been a great and fun way to build more confidence with Arabic while exploring the city or just running errands.
27 сент. 2023 г.
Уроков: 7, язык: арабский (египетский)
Выбор преподавателя
The learning material is a dream come true! Abdeen writes the word or sentences in english, arabic and arabic transliteration in a google sheets document. After the lesson he records the new words. The document is super structured. I'm very impressed as I've never seen an arabic lesson plan this structured before. Abdeen is open to different methods and changements. I like that doesn't ask to private questions. For this reason the atmosphere is professional but also friendly and fun. Furthermore he is punctual and reliable. Honestly the best teacher I've taken on Italki and I don't have anything negative to say.
21 янв. 2023 г.
Уроков: 21, язык: арабский
Выбор преподавателя
Abdeen is teaching our daughters and we are very happy. He is motivating, has stellar materials, including audio files to listen to new phrases and summaries for each lesson. What's more, kids enjoy learning and are looking forward to the weekly classes. They sing their Arabic song half the day and tell me how they enjoy having not only a patient and personable teacher, but a new friend. We are happy to have found Abdeen and wholeheartedly recommend him.
16 мар. 2022 г.
Hadia Khanzada
1 урок, язык: арабский
Really nice lesson with Abdeen. He was very attentive and fun. I appreciate that he wanted to understand how to best tailor the lessons to my needs. Thank you Abdeen for being very patient and helping me learn.
18 янв. 2024 г.
Carla Cece
Уроков: 7, язык: арабский
great first trial. Matches the immersion aspect I was looking for.
20 дек. 2023 г.
Tanya Z.
Уроков: 6, язык: арабский (египетский)
As always very interesting conversations with Abdeen.
12 дек. 2023 г.
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