Преподаватель языка: китайский (путунхуа), Lily


Профессиональный преподаватель
китайский (путунхуа)
Владение языком
certified Chinese teacher to speakers of other language. Experience of teaching Chinese in Europe
Откуда КитайГде живет: Daqing, Китай (13:42 UTC+08:00)
Обо мне
Преподает на italki с 20 Jan 2021 г.
Интересующая темаЕдаЗдоровьеПутешествия
I majored in English and I am an English teacher in China. I have the certificate of being an English teacher in China. and I also have the certificate for teachers of Chinese to speakers of other languages. I come from north of China ,so I speak standard Chinese. From 2018 to 2020, I taught Chinese in Confucius Institute in Europe. I am very experienced in teaching HSK courses. I am also good at teaching Children. I am familiar with the textbook Happy Chinese.and I will also provide my own material according to children's need. During the epidemic of corona virus, I taught Chinese online in Europe,so I have experience in online teaching.
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Уроков: китайский (путунхуа)

Пробный урок
Завершено уроков: 15
USD 10.00+
HSK standard course Level 1——Level 2
A1 -  A2

Подготовка к тестам

Завершено уроков: 310
USD 13.00+
Пакет со скидкой 5%
Chinese course for kids
A1 -  C2


Завершено уроков: 1
USD 15.00+
Пакет со скидкой 13%
Special course for groups
A1 -  C2


Завершено уроков: 111
USD 25.00+
Пакет со скидкой 2%
HSK standard course Level 3——Level 4
A1 -  A2

Подготовка к тестам

Завершено уроков: 126
USD 15.00+
Пакет со скидкой 4%
HSK standard course Level 5——Level 6
C1 -  C2

Подготовка к тестам

Завершено уроков: 20
USD 20.00+
Пакет со скидкой 3%


На основе вашего часового пояса (UTC+00:00)
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Отзывов: 14

Ученик Gerald
1 урок, язык: китайский (путунхуа)
My teacher was very polite and organized. I truly appreciated her patience with me while I began exploring the language.
15 авг. 2023 г.
Ученик Selim
Уроков: 15, язык: китайский (путунхуа)
28 июня 2023 г.
Ученик Kelly 碧玉
Kelly 碧玉
Уроков: 15, язык: китайский (путунхуа)
Zhang lao shi (teacher Lily) is a very knowledgeable Chinese teacher who is easy to talk to. She is gentle and makes me feel comfortable speaking Chinese with her. (even if my Chinese is not very good) I feel like 1 hour with Lily is better than hours of study with my old Chinese class. Lily's English is good and can explain the grammatical rules in English well. But she also encouraged us to have Chinese only conversation in class which is really good practice for me. Lily come prepared with material for HSK and explained the details of the vocabulary and grammar very well. She even teaches you additional knowledge not found in the book as well. I highly recommend Lily as teacher!
10 апр. 2023 г.
Ученик Sue K
Sue K
Уроков: 80, язык: китайский (путунхуа)
I have been taking lessons with Lily Laoshi for almost a year. I’ve been learning Chinese for a long time on and off, and she’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. From conversation practice to structured lessons, she is extremely experienced and easy to work with. She has an amazing background that gives her the ability to always be knowledgeable and prepared. She is a hidden gem on this app! Book with her!!
14 дек. 2022 г.
Ученик Sue K
Sue K
Уроков: 80, язык: китайский (путунхуа)
Lily Laoshi has been great at reviewing terms with me. Her English is very good and allows her to explain the nuances in different words. She's always prepared with materials (she has a lot of experience in teaching) while also allowing for freedom in conversation and topics when appropriate.
16 апр. 2022 г.
Ученик Sue K
Sue K
Уроков: 80, язык: китайский (путунхуа)
Lily was a great communicator and was able to show through flash cards and screen share basic topics. I look forward to learning more from her.
1 апр. 2022 г.
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