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Kai Aoel 凯

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китайский (путунхуа)
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6 years of experience. Multilingual. Business, Academic, IELTS, Exam Prep, Kids & General. 中英文母语者
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Преподает на italki с 4 May 2021 г.
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Hi, I'm Kai! 😊 I am multilingual, like learning new languages, and I translate and write. I am experienced in teaching students from Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Canada, Czech, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, M'sia, NZ, Peru, Poland, Slovenia, S'pore, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, UK, US, Venezuela, Vietnam etc. 嗨,大家好!😄 中英马来文都是我的母语。我喜欢学习新的语言。我为成人和儿童提供英语、中文、马来文课程。如果你正在准备英文面试,希望能与你分享我这方面的经验和小技巧! Hai saudari-saudara! 🤗 Saya fasih dalam pelbagai bahasa dan suka belajar bahasa baru. Saya berpengalaman mengajar penutur BM. Hallo zusammen! 😃 Ich bin mehrsprachig, lerne gerne neue Sprachen und arbeite auch als Übersetzerin und Autorin. 💇‍♀️ I got a haircut :)
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Уроков: китайский (путунхуа)

китайский (путунхуа)
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Chinese Conversation Practice 汉语对话练习
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General Chinese Lesson 中文课 (Kids included)
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Chinese for Specific Purposes 特定目的中文
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китайский (путунхуа)
Ученик Anton Voznia
Anton Voznia
Уроков: 82, язык: английский
Выбор преподавателя
Good lesson; it's a pleasure to compare our different cultures with you. Very cool that you share your experience in Malaysia. So, I learn from you many exciting things from Asia. And many thanks for the text correction. You have really a lot of patience to read it and correct it and make it more natural :)
7 июня 2023 г.
Ученик Emily Jiao
Emily Jiao
Уроков: 137, язык: китайский (путунхуа)
Выбор преподавателя
I highly recommend booking a class with Teacher Kai! I think it’s important to genuinely enjoy what you learn in order to progress and to also have a safe space to experiment and try out new vocabulary or grammar structures. Teacher Kai gives me this opportunity through what she has aptly named our “restful learning” sessions. 我认为为了取得进步,真心享受学习的过程以及拥有一个尝试新词汇和语法的安全空间非常重要。Kai老师通过她所称之为“restful learning”课程为我提供了这个机会。
30 мар. 2023 г.
Ученик LL Fang
LL Fang
Уроков: 26, язык: малайский
Выбор преподавателя
Kai is prepared and structured in her lesson with my child. My child enjoys lesson with Kai.
26 июля 2021 г.
Ученик Min Jung
Min Jung
Уроков: 9, язык: английский
Every minute of the class is valuable! Kai knows exactly what I need and finds the solutions briefly. Thank you for creating a solid plan for the holidays ! :D
9 апр. 2024 г.
Ученик mia
Уроков: 62, язык: английский
After all these lessons, I have learned a lot. At the beginning, it was difficult to talk about things and sometimes I would stop because I had nothing to say (in English). Now, after practicing my writing, thinking and speaking skills, I find that I am able to speak longer and make connections between different topics. We no longer have to keep thinking about what to say next. Instead, the ideas flow naturally. The next goal is to become more fluent and to keep improving in these things. Thank you for being a good teacher! :)
9 апр. 2024 г.
Ученик Anaïs
Уроков: 7, язык: китайский (путунхуа)
Kai est une professeure très compétente. Elle est très à l'écoute et donne de très bons conseils! Elle m'encourage beaucoup pendant les lessons, me donne des caractères à écrire et des choses à réviser entre chaque lesson, et prend bien le temps de tout corriger ensemble. Mes lessons hebdomadaires avec Kai sont un vrai plaisir !
9 апр. 2024 г.
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