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Certified teacher with over 2 years of experience. Preparation for the CIPLE
Откуда ПортугалияГде живет: Vila Nova de Gaia, Португалия (11:12 UTC+00:00)
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Преподает на italki с 3 Sep 2021 г.
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As an experienced teacher with a Masters degree and a Certificate of Pedagogical Skills, I am skilled in creating effective lesson plans that meet the diverse needs of students of all ages and levels. With extensive experience teaching learners from different backgrounds, ages and levels, I tailor my approach to individual learning styles, resulting in increased engagement and better results. I am passionate about teaching and believe in every learner's potential, and I have a successful track record of helping them achieve their academic goals.
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Уроков: португальский

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Завершено уроков: 24
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A1 -  C2

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Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, and writing
A1 -  C2


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Отзывов: 14

Damian Gladysz
Уроков: 98, язык: португальский
Выбор преподавателя
I highly recommend Manuel. I have had the pleasure of taking over 40 lessons with him, and he has been nothing short of fantastic. His teaching style is engaging, patient, and tailored to my learning needs. He has a deep knowledge of the language and culture, making each lesson enjoyable and informative. Thanks to his guidance, my Portuguese skills have improved significantly. I am grateful for his dedication and expertise as a language instructor. If you’re looking for an excellent Portuguese tutor, look no further!
24 мая 2023 г.
Jason Siff
Уроков: 11, язык: португальский
Выбор преподавателя
Manuel has been helping me with the proper pronunciation of European Portuguese for the past month. He has a very good ear and listens closely to each word I say. He corrects my pronunciation when necessary, and always offer some instruction and an explanation, making sure I can identify the correct sounds. This is very precise work. I believe it is absolutely necessary to have this kind of language coach if you want to understand native speakers and approximate their pronunciation.
30 янв. 2022 г.
Уроков: 52, язык: португальский
Выбор преподавателя
I've had nearly 10 lessons with Manuel so far, and the lessons are always very fun and informative! He is very knowledgeable about the differences between English and Portuguese grammar and pronunciation, and knows how to explain things in an accessible way. For my lessons, the format varies depending on what I feel like doing: sometimes we go over things I have written so that he can correct my errors, or we read and discuss an article together on a topic I'm interested in. At times we use slides to discuss grammar. He's quite flexible in his approach and tries to adapt his materials to fit whatever I want to work on -- this means that I get to have a lot of input in terms of what we do in class, which is one of the things I look for in a tutor. We speak only Portuguese in my lessons, but since he knows English as well a beginner has nothing to worry about. I strongly recommend him to other intermediate/advanced learners trying to refine their Portuguese and take it to the next level.
20 нояб. 2021 г.
1 урок, язык: португальский
I was looking for a comprehensible input method. I've found that Manuel mentioned it in his profile. Unfortunately, he couldn't provide it because he was not aware what the basics of the method, and after my explanation, he admitted it.
9 сент. 2023 г.
Mrs Parker
Уроков: 4, язык: португальский
Manuel provides justified tight amount of comprehensive input and speaks in a way that I can comprehend but also be challenged by. I will definitely schedule another lesson.
28 дек. 2022 г.
Уроков: 6, язык: португальский
I really enjoyed my first lesson with Manuel. He is a very patient teacher and a great listener. I would highly recommend working with him to improve one’s Portuguese.
21 окт. 2022 г.
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