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Откуда ИталияГде живет: San Buenaventura, Соединенные Штаты (05:45 UTC+01:00)
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Преподает на italki с 9 Aug 2021 г.
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Hello and welcome to my profile! My name is Lara, I was born and raised in Italy, in a small town in Veneto. A few years ago I decided to make a change in my life, I took the suitcase and went to live on the other side of the world, in the United States. As you can understand, I'm an adventurer, I like to have new experiences because I think they can enrich a person with new perspectives. I have many interests that help shape who I am. To give you a glimpse into my world, I enjoy being in nature, traveling to experience different traditions and cultures, staying active through fitness, immersing myself in books, and exploring the intriguing field of psychology.
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Lezioni di conversazione - Chiacchieriamo!
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Best teacher ever! I've been taking lessons with her for a few months now, and I can't imagine going back to learning Italian on my own again! Not only is she an excellent teacher, but she's super funny and makes you feel at ease. She always comes prepared with a topic to discuss for every lesson and is really good at leading a conversation if you don't know what to say. Usually, though, I have so much fun chatting with her we only have a few minutes at the end for the lesson plan!. Recently, she's been helping me prepare for a job interview in Italian, helping me learn how to write emails, use the formal, etc. I feel so lucky to have found her! Thank you Lara🥰
16 июня 2022 г.
Уроков: 99, язык: итальянский
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Marvelous! Exceptional! Dedicated to her student's progress and amazingly accommodating to personalized sessions. LOVE LARA! -- Magda 01-31-2022
31 янв. 2022 г.
Уроков: 11, язык: итальянский
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Lara is a great teacher: prepared, knowledgeable, flexible. She is high energy from start to finish.
31 дек. 2021 г.
Amir Kurant
Уроков: 16, язык: итальянский
Great teacher
23 февр. 2024 г.
Уроков: 43, язык: итальянский
Una stella 🌟
19 февр. 2024 г.
Anthony Faber
Уроков: 19, язык: итальянский
17 февр. 2024 г.
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