Khristina / Христина
Profesyonel Öğretmen
Привет! Letter-posts are back! A quick catch-up today and on Monday, it will be a regular letter. In March, I had a lot of work and flowers, International Women’s Day. My students pointed out to me that there are many flower vending machines here in Moscow. I didn’t notice that before. In April, I was on vacation, but I held one workshop there and watched the flood, but my vacation really went well. Are you planning a vacation? And now the May holidays are ending and it seems that the weather was a little late about the snow instead of April 1, joking here now. For those who see such letters for the first time, on Mondays, I write short posts on how to study Russian better. We are all blessed today with a myriad of content, but the downside is too much substandard information. In winter, I wrote about the better alphabet learning, levels, methods etc. You can read more about this in previous posts on my page. If you want to find out what's wrong with the gerund in Russian, figure out what kind of oddities are happening with the nominative case, then follow and my Monday post will be in your feed. If something is really unclear in the language -- it means they have not explained it well. Learn Russian the easiest way! 🤟
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12 May 2024 20:26