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안녕하세요!💘 😊Ranked first among all teachers. (11 years of teaching experience in various settings like schools, academies, overseas, and private lessons.) 😊Offers patient, systematic, yet natural lessons that cater to all levels, ages, and requests. 😊A certified professional Korean language teacher registered with the government. 😊 I taught Korean while previously working in public enterprises, marketing, and publishing companies After becoming the top-ranked teacher, decided to quit the corporate job and focus entirely on Korean language teaching. 😊Currently busking in Seoul with singing, rapping, vocal, and dance performances. 😊Conduct classes in English, Korean, Mongolian.


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138 韩语 课时
Shinnie continues to amaze me as a teacher with every single lesson. I don't believe there are many other teachers or resources out there that can come close to the amount of skill and knowledge that Shinnie brings to teaching language. I recently approached him with some ideas of what I wanted to say in a letter to a friend, and he helped me organize my thoughts and translate everything into a more native-sounding structure. He was so kind and helpful with the corrections, all while teaching me new words and grammar throughout. He is firm when it comes to reinforcing effective practice strategies and won't hesitate to correct a poor mindset or approach, but is always kind and gentle throughout the process and has never made me feel ashamed of making mistakes. It's clear that Shinnie truly cares about his students and their progress, and his passion and dedication to teaching shines through always. I'm honestly so grateful that I found Shinnie, and I look forward to every lesson.
Mitchell Bergman
172 韩语 课时
I had another wonderful lesson with Shinnie. His teaching style is easy to follow and when he explains things in Korean it is always in a comprehensible way. The lessons are always fun, interesting and engaging. One thing I particularly enjoy is that his lessons are structured with his own curriculum, but that he is free to change it according to your needs. We have started doing mainly conversations nowadays, and even though my speaking is nowhere near as fluent, he is really patient and makes me feel comfortable. Which allowed me to have more confidence in my ability to speak and hold at least some small conversations (I think). Besides that it’s good to discuss my findings during immersion with Shinnie, because he has a great understanding of the language. Overall, I would highly recommend Shinnie to anyone looking for a Korean tutor on italki. They are knowledgeable, patient, and adept at tailoring their lessons to the student's specific needs and interests.
진주한 Jason Tan
131 韩语 课时
If you're looking for a fantastic online tutor to help you learn Korean, look no further than Shinnie! I recently had the pleasure of working with him and can honestly say he is one of the best language tutors I've ever had. From the very first session, Shinnie's positive personality and warm demeanor put me at ease. He's incredibly patient, understanding, and genuinely cares about his students' progress. He took the time to get to know me and my learning style, and tailored each lesson to my specific needs. What I appreciate most about Shinnie is his ability to help students overcome their weaknesses. He never made me feel embarrassed or discouraged when I struggled with certain concepts or pronunciations. Instead, he would patiently explain things in different ways until I fully understood. He also gave me plenty of opportunities to practice, both in class and on my own, and provided helpful feedback to help me improve. Thanks to Shinnie, my Korean skills have improved so much!
16 韩语 课时
Well, todays lesson was tricky with Korean comparison, it was very hard to understand for my German brain but 시니 씨 was patient with me! Thank you so much!
Tara Bree
12 韩语 课时
Shinnie and I are starting to get more into grammar material and starting to expand how many sentences and phrases I can make by using the correct grammar. It is becoming more and more apparent to me that Korean is a grammar language as Shinnie said. If you don't know the proper grammar you won't be able to communicate effectively with Koreans. They won't understand you. I am just continuing to make sentences everyday with the new grammar I'm learning and practice over and over again (copy and paste) copy over and over and then apply correct grammar :)
17 韩语 课时
Thank you Shinnie. Another great lesson. I have a long way to go but feel I am making progress. As always I thoroughly recommend Shinnie to anyone considering learning a new language.
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