Hi everyone, I'm a Chinese native speaker and I'm preparing for my IELTS exam. My last speaking score is band 6 and my goal is band 7. So I'd like to find a language partner to practice English together. If you're an English native speaker and want to practice speaking Chinese, we can chat with each other in Chinese and English. Feel free to contact me, thx!
2023年10月2日 03:06
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I'm sure your English is far more advanced than my Mandarin, but I'm great with grammar and idioms and such in English. I'd be glad to help you and you could give me something to work on, too. I don't know how you can contact me yet.
2023年10月2日 15:33
Hello Yuan. Shree this side. I am an absolute beginner in Chinese language and work as an online Business English coach. We can have a talk on various topics in both the languages. Confirm if interested. Thank You 😊
2023年10月2日 03:18