💪 motivation ❓ Comment tu peux utiliser cette idée dans ton apprentissage du français ? - How can you apply this idea to your French learning? 📍 vocabulaire : *n’attendez pas - don't wait *que l’opportunité se présente - for the opportunity to arise *créez-la - create it *le monde appartient aux audacieux - the world belongs to the bold 📍 grammaire: *n’attendez-pas, créez-la - impérative - you use imperative mood to give orders or asking for smth (give me your pen, don’t do this) - you don’t use the subject in this case, but you conjugate the verb in tu, vous or nous form depending on what you want to say. - Object pronoun (la in this phrase) is put after the verb in the imperative mood and not before like in a normal sentence.
2024年4月8日 15:21