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Price (ITC per hour) 
3 Professional Teachers and 5 Community Tutors are teaching Finnish.
Omid  Professional Teacher  

  • Finland
  • Teaches Persian (Farsi), English, Finnish
  • Sessions: 121

Languages: Persian (Farsi), English, Finnish, French, Arabic, German, Russian, Swedish

I help you with Persian, English or basic Finnish. I'm a native speaker of Farsi. I have a MA degree in English language, and I've learned Finnish in Finland. Let's have some fun and learn a new language!
  • Beginners
  • Children
  • Teenagers
  • Business
  • Test Preparation

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Hourly Rate
80 - 800 ITC
≈ 8.0 - 80.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
10 ITC
Daria  Community Tutor   OOPT

  • Russian Federation
  • Teaches Russian, Finnish
  • Sessions: 5

Languages: Russian, English, Finnish, French, Swedish

Hi! I'd be happy to help you practice speaking Russian and Finnish.

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Hourly Rate
60 - 90 ITC
≈ 6.0 - 9.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
25 ITC
Hanna Kotta
Hanna Kotta  Professional Teacher  

  • Finland
  • Teaches Finnish
  • Sessions: 0

Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, French

I'm a native Finn. I have a Master's degree in Finnish language. I have taught Finnish for immigrants from 2011.

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Hourly Rate
300 - 350 ITC
≈ 30.0 - 35.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
100 ITC
Amanda  Community Tutor  

  • Finland
  • Teaches Chinese (Mandarin), Finnish
  • Sessions: 0

Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), Finnish, English, Japanese, French

I am a native Chinese (Mandarin) speaker and Finnish is my second language; who is currently learning Japanese myself and understand some of the difficulties that you may face. I am friendly and helpful, and look forward to making new friends.

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Hourly Rate
110 - 250 ITC
≈ 11.0 - 25.0 USD