Whether you like it or not, English is a necessary component of world life. A native speaker’s need for strong English language abilities is also unavoidable. You cannot afford to skip studying English because it is so important for so many different aspects of life. Getting an English teacher online will help you fulfill your requirements for learning the English language.

Some learners find English to be easier than others. Anyone who needs assistance to polish their abilities and get the best English speaking and writing skills can benefit from one-on-one tutoring in English, which can provide tailored support.

Is self-study enough for English learners?

Many people prefer studying on their own. You are probably aware of the benefits and drawbacks of self-study if you are an English learner. There are several benefits of self-studying, the first benefit would be flexibility, as you could study wherever and whenever you wanted. Independence follows as you are the one who chooses what and how to learn. Lastly, self-study is economical because you can buy high-quality English study materials with the money you save.

But there are several drawbacks of self-study as well. All these drawbacks make it necessary for English learners to find a good English teacher online. When you are unsure of something, when you become confused, and when you are unsure of what and how to practice, independence can backfire.

It can be difficult to choose the best study techniques and resources on your own. And lastly, self-study demands a lot of drive and self-control. When they study independently, many learners find it difficult to maintain their study routines.

Reasons you need an English teacher online

Tutoring tailored to learner’s need

The main attraction of online English tutoring is its ‘private’ nature. This means that students receive individualized instruction from an English tutor who can modify their lessons to fit the needs and goals of their tutees.

This is not possible in other modes of learning. When working with a new student, an English tutor will frequently use the first sessions to assess their strengths and weaknesses and talk about their learning objectives in order to create an individualized learning plan that is tailored to meet their individual needs.

Another benefit of tailored teaching is the pace. Before moving on, a private English tutor will make sure the learner has a firm grasp of a particular portion of the course material, ensuring that the learner learns at their own pace.

This creates a relaxed learning environment where the tutee can take their time to understand any difficult concepts without feeling rushed or embarrassed.

Tutors help in improving Everyday English skills

Since English covers so many topics that are relevant to daily life, from reading the news to writing emails, learning English is especially important. Because it will inevitably affect one’s life, no one can afford to ignore their English studies or give up at the first sign of difficulty.

A private tutor’s assistance can make the difference between failing and succeeding in English learning. A tutor plays an important role in helping you understand the Basics of English such as introducing yourself in English and initiating and holding casual conversations.

Tutors keep you inspired

The rich world of English literature and its works can be made more accessible to trainees by English tutors. It goes without saying that learning takes place most effectively when the student is having fun, and this is true for English lessons as well.

Supplemental English lessons may be exactly what some students need to become more engaged and motivated in their English learning programs, which typically results in better speaking and writing skills.

In order to inspire their students to develop an interest in English, tutors can supplement their students’ English studies and introduce them to new works of literature, poetry, and theatre throughout the course.

Tutors help in boosting self-esteem

Since self-confidence plays a significant role in learning, it makes sense that low self-esteem can cause a student to lose motivation and have an adverse effect on their ability to learn.

For some students, even a slight decline in self-esteem can set off a vicious cycle, making them self-conscious when it comes to reading aloud or responding to questions in learning sessions.

Because tutoring gives students the chance to practice their English in a setting where they don’t have to worry about being judged, it helps in boosting self-esteem.

Providing a pressure-free space for students to work on their skills with guidance from a tutor will not only help them keep up with other learners but also improve their overall self-confidence when it comes to interacting in an educational environment.

Tutors help you build consistency

There is no way around the need for consistency if you want to become proficient in English. Even if you are motivated, you might not reach your full potential if you lack consistency and an effective lesson plan. You should study at least three to four times per week, ideally every day – even for just 30 minutes! The bottom line is that if you want to get great results, you must maintain a regular learning schedule.

You definitely need a tutor for assistance if you are having trouble maintaining consistency in your studies. They can give you quick exercises and pointers on how to fit in 30 minutes of English study. Don’t forget that deadlines can also be inspiring as well.

You will have a motivating deadline and a reason to complete your lesson preparation and homework within the designated time frame when you are aware that you must do so by a particular day and time. If you are looking for an online platform to learn English, do check out italki. With the availability of experienced English tutors online, you can learn fluency in English within a few months. Book your lesson plans and start a one-on-one learning journey.

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Tutors keep you motivated

If you have been learning English on your own for a while, it’s normal to feel unmotivated to study. The road to becoming an advanced English speaker, however, is difficult and difficult once you reach an intermediate level. You make slower progress, and occasionally it may take weeks or even months before you notice a change. It is not shocking that intermediate-level students are prone to burnout from studying.

If that applies to you as well, having an English teacher is necessary. The teacher will provide you with a well-structured lesson plan, which will make your studies smarter and your progress more rapid.

Tell your teacher if you are lacking motivation. A good English teacher will be able to develop a study plan and suggestions for how to regain your motivation by keeping track of your progress and learning habits. A good teacher should also be a good observer.

Instead of wondering why is English hard, tell your teacher your reasons for learning the language. The tutor will help you stay motivated by keeping an eye on your progress level.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is online tutoring?

A. Online tutoring combines a tutor’s expertise, a student’s need, and technology to enable teaching to take place virtually with the aim of enhancing the student’s knowledge.

Q. How does online tutoring work?

A. In a “virtual room,” a tutor and student meet and communicate via video, audio, chat, and a virtual whiteboard.

Q. What are the benefits of getting help from a tutor?  

A. Tutors can aid learners of all ages in understanding new ideas, developing good study habits, getting ready for tests, and developing self-confidence.

Concluding thoughts

If you want to be proficient in English, you need to find a good English tutor online. With the assistance of a qualified teacher, you will learn at your own pace to make learning English more effective and enjoyable.

You can maintain the flexibility of self-studying if you choose to learn English online because you can do it whenever and wherever you want. Additionally, you will receive a custom lesson plan that is based on your interests and English proficiency.

Stop wondering about how many words are there in the English language and enroll yourself in italki. Here, with the assistance of a qualified teacher, you will learn at your own pace to make learning English more effective and enjoyable.

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