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🌟 Learn Chinese and English with Engaging Lessons! 🌟 Hello language enthusiasts! 🌏 Are you ready to expand your horizons and master Chinese and English? This 3 in 1 Combo Class of Podcast - Vocabulary - Quiz is designed just for you! This week, we’re diving into some exciting verbs: Imagine 想象 Xiǎngxiàng Immunize 使免疫 Shǐ miǎnyì Import 进口 Jìnkǒu Improve 进步 Jìnbù Increase 增加 Zēngjiā Join me for an interactive learning experience with: 🎧 Podcast C(41) - Perfect for on-the-go learning. Listen and immerse yourself in real-life conversations. 📚 Vocabulary C(41) - Boost your vocabulary with the curated list of essential verbs. 📝 Quiz C(41) - Test your knowledge and track your progress with fun and challenging quizzes. Whether you're a beginner or looking to polish your skills, this Combo Class offers something for everyone. Happy learning! 🚀
Which is your overused verb category?
eat, drink
rest, sleep
talk, listen
read, write
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12. Juni 2024 10:21
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