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How To Positively Influence A Hiring Manager? There are various way you can do so. Here is an answer from internet: "The best way to influence candidates as a recruiter is by effectively communicating the value proposition of the organization, actively listening to their needs and aspirations, building strong relationships, and providing personalized solutions that align with their interests and career goals." IIn my podcast I covered something else - the mental world of yours and what do you do to prepare for the 'project' mentally. Here is an anwer from the internet: "Another tool you can use to mentally prepare is to visualize the interview going well. Instead of picturing yourself not knowing answers to questions or stumbling over your words, take time to imagine answering each question perfectly. Imagine that you are not nervous and your confidence shines to the interviewer." I talk about a different thing instead - the attitude you carry with you about who you are and what you can deliver and from this perspective you speaj/answer recruiter's questions. Dive deeper into my podcast and pick whats relevant, what resonates and what you can use to succeed as its my only intention for you! Good luck.
How To Positively Influence A Hiring Manager?
16 de abr. de 2024 2:44