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How To Change a Topic of Discussion In English? 3 phrases to change the subject in English. Perhaps you have heard that conversation is an art or that knowing how to speak requires certain skills. And that certainly is true. If you were to think about it carefully, when you are speaking animatedly with someone that you like or are speaking about a subject that you are passionate about, you can safely and effortlessly go from one topic to another almost without realizing you are doing so. However, there are those times when the communication is not as fluid as we would like it to be and, eager to save the moment, the first idea to come to mind to rescue the situation is to change the subject. Lets look into 3 ways of how to do it effectively in any occasion. The following are some phrases that you will surely find useful, both in formal and informal conversations: 1. Now that I think about it… This expression is more appropriate to use in an informal context: Now that I think about it, do you remember Jonathan? 2. That reminds me of… This phrase is especially useful when something mentioned allows you to introduce a new topic: That reminds me of the case of a friend, who lost his house in a fire. 3. That brings to mind… Very similar to the previous one, this phrase is used to relate the current topic of conversation with a new one. It means “that makes me think of…”: That brings to mind the fact that a lady asked me if I knew an acupuncturist. These are some of the phrases and expressions that you can use when you need to change the subject during a conversation. Do not forget that practice is very important to achieve a good command of the language as well as a good knowledge of the grammar rules. Let me know what stops you from speaking fearlessly so I can advise you on the best course of action. Read my couses and book the class now. See you in 5!
17 de mar de 2023 7:59