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How to WOW the interviewer with your answers and get the job/ admission?! Common Interview Questions & Powerful Answers! Question #1 - How do you accomplish tasks when under a tight deadline? Give me an example. For this We'll Use The STAR Method (Situation, Taskt, Action, Result!).: Situation: Well, typically, I try to never commit to a deadline I don’t think I can make. But sometimes, unexpected things happen and you’re forced to think on your feet. For example, at my last job, my coworker had to take some time off work because of an emergency, and his project was left without a manager. Task: My supervisor then instructed me to take over his project and complete what work was left. Suddenly, I had a new project on my hands, and I wasn’t really sure how to handle it, as the deadline was in 1 week. Action: First, I requested a reduction on my own daily sales goals - which I was granted. This way, I could pay more attention to the project, and only a few hours per day to my original tasks. Once I had a consistent schedule and hours set for each of my tasks, it was mostly easy from there. Results: Thanks to my teammates and my good time management skills, I managed to finish up 2 days early before the deadline. And once my coworker came back to work, I was able to review the whole thing with him before submitting it. For what it’s worth, he was thoroughly impressed. And a few months later, I even got promoted based on my performance. Was it useful? What will you change in your approach when preparing for your next interview? If you are struggling with expressing yourself while answering behavioural questions or having a hard time expressing your strengths ( or not even knowing what they are) - come for my 1-1 coaching/consulting. Read my interview offer thoroughly and other offers I have to get a better picture of my own accomplishments and how I help my clients. Book my trainings now. See you in 5.
19 de mar de 2023 7:02