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Do you feel frustrated that you still make grammar mistakes while speaking? Most people after 12-15 years of learning English do! How to get rid of them shortly? Some students might think that recording their voice will help - great idea but there are some mistakes that are missed out! Try to speak slowly - awesome, it takes up a lot of time and you don't have any feedback on your progress. After teaching 15+ thosand classes I realized that recording students mistakes while they are speaking and then providing them with a detailed feedback is a great tool to help students improve! Come to my one-on-one yourself to try! These are some examples of students mistakes: 1. if you are teacher 2. it depends on lucky 3. to took their code 4. this plugin brokes 5. keeping touching with my friends Can you spend few minutes on looking through them and deciding how to correct them? It will be useful in numerous ways: 1 - you'll recognize some mistakes that y ou make 2 - you'll think in English for some time 3 - you might practice reading & pronunciation 4 - potentially you'll start making less mistakes yourself. Later on I'll do a post of how I corrected these mistakes myself so you can compare! What are your struggles with spoken English? Is it IELTS speaking preparation or job interview that you need some help with? Please read through my offers carefulyl as there might be some results that I've achieved that you may be interested about learning! Choose what's the most useful and request my help. See you in 5.
19 de mar. de 2023 3:42