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🌟 English and Chinese Verbs of the Day 🌟 Today's theme: Verbs starting with 'M'! Let's master these versatile verbs and make your language skills magnificent! Make up (draw up, fabricate) 编造 (Biānzào) Make up (tidy) 收拾 (Shōushí) Manage (able to do) 办到 (Bàn dào) Manage (handle) 处理 (Chǔlǐ) March 行军 (Xíngjūn) --- 💥 Ready to march into a new day of learning? Today’s verbs will help you make up stories, manage tasks, and march forward with confidence! 🔹 C(52) Quiz: Think you’ve got these verbs down? Take our quiz and show off your skills! 🔹 C(52) Vocabulary Flash Cards: Your go-to tool for quick, effective, and fun learning. --- 📅 Book a class with me and let’s manage your language learning together! Have questions or need some help? I’m here to support you. Let’s make learning an adventure! Happy learning! 🚀
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