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Hobbies, especially when they are related to language learning, are a great ways to keep motivated to learn a new language.
A breef history of the capoeira. The capoeira is an Brazilian martial art created by black slaves from Bahia state, in Brazil, to defend themselves from their "lords". It consists of a mixture of fighting and dancing cause it was necessary for the black people to dissemble their first intention of becoming free by the defense. As far as possible, the slaves ran away from the big farms and took refuge into the Brazilian jungles in camps called by them as "quilombo". Alarmed because of the effective results of capoeira in the defense of blacks, the Portuguese government criminalized it. Those who practice capoeira would be thrown into the prison or something worst! Today this fascinating art is appreaciate all around the world and there are some capoeira world championships outside Brazil!!
17 de feb de 2023 14:10
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