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English language learners! I offer line by line corrections in my new student class and my conversation only class! If you've never had line by line corrections before it's extremely helpful to inform the student what specific issues that they are having when they speak. I focus on mouth movement, word choice, pronunciation and sentence structure. So many students know that they're struggling when they speak English but they don't know when they are struggling. Here's actually a line by line correction review that I gave a student (this is being shared with the student's permission). On the left hand side you'll see what I heard him say and the right side is the correction. I type this to the student and show them before the class is over then we talk about each mistake verbally. I don’t have much hobbies/ I don’t have many hobbies I’ve been trying to progress on those to hobbies on a regular basis/ I’ve been trying to work on those two hobbies on a regular basis They don’t try effort themselves/ they don’t try to work towards Bouks/ books Mostly the ones whose/ mostly the ones that talk about Ph-i-losphy/ philosophy I am bit of obsessive/ I’m a bit obsessed with this Cell phone app call / cell phone app called This app keep track/ this app keep tracks That I thing touk/ that I think took Getting a shower/ taking a shower It always berries with the days/? Your parent soaping skills are sharper/? Then I take lunch/ then I had lunch Then I take a short meal/ then I had a short meal I don’t have that much plans/ I don’t have many plans To internet/ on the internet Importing their car/? Since we are child/ since I was a child I be staying with him/ since I’ll be staying with him Average standar/ average standard Very goud/ very good Work in the computer/ work on the computer
23 de jul. de 2024 12:15
Do you know what causes job interview seekers to appear like a beggar? Can you write some ideas that comes to mind. Can you even think this way? I've seend hundreds of students seeking for a job in an English speaking environment and there is a big lesson to learn here. People with wrong attitudes may create these kinds of feelings and thoughts in HR managers minds: failure attitude, lack of impression, inability to persuade, lack of sales skills, and continuous doubts. Will you hire a person that gives you these impressions? Can you relate to this statement: "I feel like begging for a job instead of offering my services?". Have you heard people do this? Or even yourself? It seems that they forget they have experience, value, solved cases, success stories, etc. Can you relate to it? It's like your 5–10–20 years of experience don't matter any longer. Why did you throw it away? Why have this attitude, and what can it cause during a job interview? Dive into the recording now and benefit from one of my students, Arina. https://www.italki.com/en/post/iw0k9Rk1vnJWf07Er2uZoM And when you are ready, apply for my trial class and be accepted for 1-on-1 private coaching right now.
21 de jul. de 2024 14:17
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