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The №1 killer of any language fluency and personal success in a job interview or IELTS speaking. If you want to succeed in your IELTS speaking performance - having more ideas to bring to the table or if you are a job interview performer - sound more natural and stay on the point without being stuck - you want to listen to this potentially life changing podcast. What might it be, you are wondering? What is the topic? It's quite simple, and we are all told this by language tutors: confidence... We are told "we all need to become confident."  Is this right? Self-confidence is game changer! Since I am a second language learner, which means I am going through the same steps as my students do, and I can understand them quite well but if I was told to become confident when learning a language - it would seem quite vague, would it be the same for you? Teachers tell us to be confident, but how can we be?! How do I be confident?  What is confidence? What is it made of? These questions are never answered because the 'confidence field' is too vague and broad, and sadly, it's overlooked as the main, foundational ingredient for someone's change! Listen to the podcast; within it, you'll find a massive bonus that will amplify your learning and can inspire you to sel-find ideas you've never dreamed of. Give it a shot; you might like it. https://www.italki.com/en/post/4DL5EmtfZvBRqSavnUhwpK better and Better.. Anatoly
25 mai 2024 03:15
This is what stopps your English development! Whether you are learning English for IELTS, preparing for a job interview (I help in both ways), you need to listen & apply some ideas in this powerful podcast. Have you heard of this psychological problem in the past called inferiority complex? Let me define that for you, in simple terms it's a feeling that you are less important, intelligent, or skillful than other people. In this 15 minute podcast I provide various definitions & examples of my students having this issue. https://www.italki.com/en/post/4DL5EmtfZvBRqSavnUgSaU In addition you'll get a bonus, I offered coaching solutions you can apply immediately to heal yourself off this psychological barrier that stands between you and your success in English. Dive deeper into it and become freer on your language & professional improvement journey! After this recording, may you never be the same. See you in my private 1-1 classes.
23 mai 2024 07:17
Which part are you worried about? I met a student from China who came to prepare for IELTS speaking, and while reading his goal, I picked certain areas from his answer that he wasn't even aware of.  This was the goal: (I will hide the name, just to illustrate some of my student's goals), so here were his goals: "My goal is to break through 5.5 in IELTS speaking. I often don't know what to say when communicating, especially during exams, and the answers are a little incoherent and overly nervous." These were the issues I identified a) Not knowing what to say (being stuck). b) During exam fear (most people have 'exams-fear'. c) Doubting about the answers (whether its correct). d) Fear, anxiety when communicating. What about you, do you have some of these concerns? If you said yes - I know how you feel and that's exactly what I am addressing in all of my IELTS speaking classes because the issues are similar in most cases. Please listen to the podcast and pick what will resonate with you, and join my 1-on-1 VIP classes for your outrageous success in communication improvement whether for IELTS speaking, job interview preparation or business English. See you in my classes.
Which part are you worried about?
20 mai 2024 13:22
Do you tell the truth or lie in the IELTS test? What if you are stuck when expressing yourself, when you lack of ideas, what do you do??? What if you don't have any content to share the moment you are asked a question on an IELTS test? How do you feel about 'telling a lie' when this is the only solution on a test? I found my Chinese students have a moral issue when I help them overcome 'being stuck' when speaking a question. It's vital to be honest and tell the truth. We all know this, but the IELTS speaking test goal is slightly different. Listen to the podcast and find out how you can overcome 'lack of ideas' when expressing yourself or when you can't tell stories. You can simply imagine them. You'll have more clarity on the recording. Enjoy it and join my classes to prepare for your next IELTS speaking test, job interview preparation, or to prepare your business English and communication skills. See you in my classes now.
Do you tell a truth or lie in the IELTS test?
16 mai 2024 10:12
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