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Growth cases Nikolay Mikhailov 18 Sep 2022 The main thing in IT is to constantly evolve and not be afraid of the new podcast about the business confrontations of global brands try something new Any work in IT requires spending time to learn new things. Technological growth goes at an incredible pace, so constant learning is a must for any specialist who wants to keep up. - Alexander Ulanov believes. Alexander was born and grew up in St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia, and has worked his way up from a salesman in an electronics store to an internationally sought-after web development expert in the Ruby programming language. I talked to Alexander about his path in IT and how you can change your life if you are not afraid of difficulties. I learned both while solving work tasks and in my free time by reading technical articles, taking courses, and watching screencasts. All in all, this job helped me to start learning what I was really interested in, and to get used to doing it every day. - You're doing web development now, right? Why not system administration? - It just so happened that there were no prospects for growth in the company. During the time I have been working, my solutions allowed me to reduce the maintenance costs of the IT infrastructure of the company by 30%, the fault tolerance of the servers has increased, I have managed to automate many processes. But at a certain point it turned out that I had simply outgrown my position, and a higher position and corresponding tasks in the company at that time simply wasn't available. So the question arose about finding a new job, and I at this point became interested in programming. During my work experience I had some experience in writing scripts in Python and Ruby, some knowledge of SQL databases, and basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, which I had left from the lectures on computer science in the university. Help me to correct this text 🙏🙏🙏🙏
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