IELTS Speaking Preparation. A model answer to be inspired/ copy some ideas. Approximately 6.0 Band Score. Question of part 3: Where do you think people usually come into contact with beautiful things? People usually come into contact with beautiful things in various settings and situations. Here are a few common places where individuals often encounter beauty: Nature: One of the most common places where people experience beauty is in the natural world. Whether it's a scenic landscape, a colorful sunset, a blooming flower, or a serene beach, nature offers an abundance of beauty. Parks, gardens, mountains, forests, and bodies of water provide opportunities to immerse oneself in the splendor of the natural environment. Art galleries and museums: Art galleries and museums are dedicated spaces where people can appreciate various forms of artistic expression. Paintings, sculptures, installations, and other artworks can be found in these venues, showcasing the creativity and skill of artists throughout history and across different cultures. These spaces allow individuals to explore and engage with beauty through visual and sensory experiences. Architecture and urban spaces: Beautiful architecture can be found in cities and towns, ranging from historical buildings and monuments to modern architectural marvels. Architectural designs that incorporate aesthetically pleasing elements, innovative structures, and thoughtful urban planning can create visually stunning cityscapes. People encounter beauty as they navigate through streets, squares, and public spaces that have been carefully designed to evoke a sense of aesthetics. It is important to note that beauty is subjective, and what one person finds beautiful may differ from another's perception. Beauty can be encountered in unexpected places and situations, as it is often influenced by personal experiences, emotions, and individual perspectives. Do you want more answers? Let me know your score aim so I can help
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