Learning a new language is a super Power for me. In my opinion when you have the ability to understand and talk to a person who is a foreign it's that mindblowing moment, a real blast. I am so far away to being fluent in the languages I'm trying to learn but I'm already seeing and enjoying a lot of good things I discovered with the less that I know and it's changing my life.
2022年8月15日 10:05
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That's absolutely correct
I have been studying Portuguese for 8 years now and I’ve visited Brasil 18 times and I practice every day with my girlfriend who only speaks Portuguese and we’ve been practicing for 5 years now but I still can’t converse, read or understand what people are saying and I have to translate everything into English to understand. It’s very frustrating. The Portuguese words don’t mean anything to me like English words do. I need to find a way to learn.