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i went back to my mom's growing-up town to memory ancestors,after did all the stuff,we were wandering around this small town alongside the dad sighed for pity,this whole place used to be prosperous due to the only transportation -shipping in the last century,but now,having been neglected for years,the whole row of houses collapsed,most of them had wooden structural frame with pillars,beams and earthen wall surrounding the houses on three was beautiful and it disappeared.what a shame. On the way back home,we encountered an old man who had lost his four limbs was trying pretty hard to move his body across a high threshold by his own.we stopped and waited to see if there needed any help.He looked us cheerfully,i guess it was because we were new faces who broke up the silence of village.he invited us to sit on his long bench and had a tea drink.he started to share his story to us. it was the late winter of 1994,He left hometown for the first time,aheading northeastern China to get a job,unfortunately,when the train arrived in Shenyang at night,he lost his way,carring a heavy baggage,no map,no phone,even no any building,He was scared and decided to walk along the railway until found a person.the temperature was minus twenty degree celsius then,and he spent entire night without any supplemental clothes and food,this led to deep frostbite gangrene of his limbs tissues death.Damage at this severe stage causing paralysis and lack of sensation.he was almost dying when people found him in the next morning,he barely speak any word to make sense. he said he felt blessed to survive at last,despite having disability.His wife left him after the accident,but he was very proud of his twins daughters,they have beautiful lives with perfect families,even they live far away from him. After he finished his story,i felt a little sad,i didn't know why,perhaps his story reminded me of the movie'CoCo'.
2023年1月28日 15:42
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there was a father who lost his life on the half way to accomplish dream,but his wife blame him for abandoning the whole family.He was young and strong,but now he is old and lonely. I watched a video earlier on youtube about a mountaineering champion lost his fingers because of an amputation.He received the emergency medical treatments and supports from love ones as well,when people asked him what messages does he have,he said the main message is for those who become injured that this is not end of your life,you can still live the dream life you want to.