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How to improve your performance during the interview? A mindset / career coach! What is a mindset coach and what does he/she help people with? A life and mindset coach is someone who helps people overcome their mindset blocks, boost their confidence, and gain clarity. For example: my coaching client wants to overcome their old, limiting money beliefs. Someone might say things like, “I don’t believe I can earn more money than I already do” or “it’s hard to earn money.” These are hardwired beliefs many of us grow up with - patterns of thoughts that we don't even recognize and are aware of it's influence. These kind of thoughts 'push' us in the unwanted direction - where we dislike being BUT we are taking there unconcsiously because we aren't aware of what's going on in our thoughts / beliefs!!! You help my clients to reprogram their mindset and reframe their thoughts so that they can get past beliefs that are keeping them stuck. In this recording you'll hear me speak about your first stage to prepare You before your interview and don't take it lightly - it's a game changer! If you need private consulting on career coaching ( read my achievements by looking at my career / mindset coaching ) OR if you need job interview preparation - scan through the offer and see what'll stand out for you for which you want to see me. And book the meeting now so we can better prepare you for your interview / business communication in English. See you in 5!
How To Prepare Your Mindset Before a Job Interview?
16 de mar de 2023 11:44
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