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I rewrite my post of my opinion about the new update of Italki, because the previous one was not really good. I will also tell about what I like about the update, not just the things what should improve. Podcasts Some of the Cantonese podcasts, the things are explained in Mandarin Chinese. It is that I can understand Mandarin Chinese, but for other people who can't understand Mandarin Chinese, a transcription and English translation would be helpful. Actually I like the display of the podcasts before the update more than after the update. The display was just like when you are searching for teacher, a bigger display. Now it is smaller. Messages button If you have read my previous post, I told that the messages button that has changed place, was not really practical in my opinion. But now I actually get used of it, so I don't care anymore. Quizzes It is not possible to see which vocabulary and quizzes (in the Discover section) a teacher has made, when going to the teacher's profile, only the podcasts you can see by clicking on the posts of the teacher in question. In overall, a nice update.
10 de abril de 2022
නිලාවැලි වෙරළ තීරයට විනෝද ගමනක්(nilaveli werala theerayata winoda gamanak) - A trip to Nilaveli Beach) නිලාවැලි වෙරළ හරිම ලස්සනයි. මම බොහෝ වාර ගණනක් නැවත නැවත සංචාරය කරපු මුහුදු වෙරළක්. පරවි දූපතත් ඒවගේම ආකර්ශනීය තැනක්. Snorkeling අත්දැකීම වචනයෙන් කියන්න බැරි තරම්ම විනෝදාශ්වාදයක්. Nilaveli werala harima lassanai. Mama boho wara gananak newatha newatha sancharaya krapu muhudu weralak. Paravi dupathath e wagema akarshaneeya thenak. Snorkeling athdekeema wachanayen kiyanna beri tharamma winodashwadayak. Nilaveli Beach is so beautiful. It's a beach that I revisited many times again and again. Pigeon Island is also an attractive place. The snorkeling experience is so much fun that can not be explained in words. (Nilaveli Beach is stunning and holds a special place in my heart. I've revisited it numerous times. Pigeon Island is also a must-see, offering an amazing snorkeling experience.)
15 de may. de 2024 6:27
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