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A Language Partner is someone who is fluent in the language you’re learning and wants to learn your native language. Language partners help one another improve their languages.
🌟 English and Chinese Verbs of the Day 🌟 Specially designed for our wonderful Italki students! Let’s explore today’s verbs and enhance your vocabulary. Move 移动 (Yídòng) Multiply 乘 (Chéng) Mumble 喃喃自语 (Nánnán zì yǔ) Mutter 嘟囔 (Dūnang) Nag 唠叨 (Láodao) 🚀 Ready to move forward in your language journey? Today's verbs will help you multiply your knowledge and speak with confidence. 🔹 C(57) Quiz: Think you’ve mastered these verbs? Take our quiz and prove your skills! 🔹 C(57) Vocabulary Flash Cards: Your quick, fun, and effective tool for learning these essential verbs. 📅 Book a class with me on Italki and let’s move towards your language goals together! Have questions or need extra help? I’m here to support you. Let’s make your learning experience truly remarkable! Happy learning! 🚀
"M" Verb Special Poll for you. Do you "mumble" a lot?
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