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🇬🇧🇮🇪🇺🇸🇦🇺 16th of July 2024, English Diary Today was another day off for me. Not that it was late when I woke up, but it was not early either. Nothing is like the tranquillity of not hurrying for anything in the morning. Up where I live, except for walks or hiking in nature, there is not much to do. As I sat up and had breakfast, I thought of what activity could fit before the morning mist cleared. I decided to give a go to a movie I wanted to watch sooner or later, and this one was ‘Suzume’ by Makoto Shinkai. I am highly familiar with its director, as I watched ‘Your Name’ in late 2016. And by God, was I blown away by the beauty and sincere emotions the movie provided? Later ‘Weathering with You’ further convinced me of the director’s genius and talent. Both these films have some significance in my Japanese learning path, as I read their books in the original language and listened to their audiobooks twice already. The simplicity, consistency of the storytelling and colourfulness of their characters were remarkable. These two works also gained worldwide popularity, so obviously the new one coming after would emerge among high expectations. ‘Suzume’ was up to mine. Maybe my part of insight into Japanese culture and the memories I had of travelling to Japan influenced my judgment. Still, I believe Makoto Shinkai did it again by conveying a touching story with impressive visuals and breathtaking animation. I won't forget to mention the original soundtrack which I listen to right now, sweetly composed. I am recommending it to people who appreciate animation in general! There is no deny Makoto Shinkai's works have some place in my heart. Thank you, sir!
17 juil. 2024 06:04
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