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Eveyone who lives in this world faces different people and different things every day. Some of them make us feel happy, the others always give us lots of pressure.Bad interpersonal relationship,peer pressure and adolescent problems always create anxiety, sadness and depression, which needs us to find some solutions to reduce stress. The first thing usually comes into our mind might be alcohol. It's very easy to get drunk with a bad mood. Though we can forget the bad things after being drunk, when we awake from a drunkenness, we often feel more sad. There is a great Chinese saying says: If you cut the flowing water, it will be flowing faster; If you drink a lot to reduce stress, it will be more than before! So, don't try to reduce stress with alcohol, you might be addicted to it. There is another Chinese saying says: if you want to untie the bell, you'd better to find the person who tied the bell! so, fi you want to reduce stress, you'd better to find the person or stuff which gives you pressure. Others' advice ususlly doesn't work for you!
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