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Hello everyone! Here are five super useful English idioms: 😎 1. Break the ice Definition: To initiate conversation in a social setting. Example: "To break the ice at the party, John told a funny story that made everyone laugh." 2. Bite the bullet Definition: To endure a painful or difficult situation with courage. Example: "She decided to bite the bullet and finally start her diet." 3. Hit the nail on the head Definition: To describe exactly what is causing a situation or problem. Example: "When Jane said that the team needed better communication, she really hit the nail on the head." 4. The ball is in your court Definition: It is now your responsibility to take action or make a decision. Example: "I've done all I can do to help you; now the ball is in your court." 5.Let the cat out of the bag Definition: To reveal a secret or disclose something that was supposed to be kept confidential. Example: "We were planning a surprise party for Mary, but John accidentally let the cat out of the bag."
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