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Being scared will make you fail a job interview or IELTS speaking! What kind of attitude does it create? Imagine yourself worrying about the past; what went on inside your mind? Can you remember the thoughts you held? What were they? Did you see the event in darker colors? Were you afraid to take the next step?  I can tell you that most people are the same, regardless of where we are from—we are humans; therefore, it's universal. Listen to the recording and be inspired to take action towards your successes over your failures, as right now it's what most minds are occupied by. To your success, and when you are ready to see me, apply for my classes, and let me help you take the next step in your English development journey.
Being scared will make you fail a job interview or IELTS speaking!
2024년 7월 12일 오후 2:53
ESTE CUENTO NOS HABLA DE UN LEÑADOR QUE ERA MUY HONRADO Y NO QUISO MENTIR. Y POR SER ASÍ RECIBIÓ UN PREMIO. Antes de comenzar la lectura 1. ¿Te molesta que tus amigos mientan? 2. ¿Tienes amigos que nunca mienten? 3. Adivina qué premio recibió el leñador por no ser mentiroso. Presta atención a la lectura de tu profesor. Había una vez un pobre leñador que regresaba a su casa después de una jornada de duro trabajo. Al cruzar un puentecillo sobre el río, se le cayó el hacha al agua. Entonces empezó a quejarse tristemente: —¿Como me ganaré el sustento ahora que no tengo hacha? Al instante ioh, maravilla! una bella ninfa aparecía sobre las aguas y dijo al leñador: —Espera, buen hombre, traeré tu hacha. Se hundió en la corriente y poco después aparecía con un hacha de oro entre las manos. El leñador dijo que aquella no era la suya. Por segunda vez se sumergió la ninfa, para aparecer después con otra hacha de plata. —Tampoco es la mía —dijo el triste leñador. Por tercera vez la ninfa busco bajo el agua. Al aparecer llevaba un hacha de hierro. —¡Oh, gracias, gracias! ¡Esa es la mía! —Pero, por decir la verdad, yo te regalo las otras dos. Has preferido ser pobre y no mentir y te mereces un premio.
The honest woodcutter
2024년 7월 9일 오후 1:23
Mental blockers in job interviews, IELTS speaking or communication as a whole. Have you heard of such a thing as a mental blocker? Or psychological filtering? Most techers never talk about this because they care too much on helping you with the language (grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing). There is nothing wrong with it but why 60-90% of language learners aren't satisfied about their spoken language performance? Mental blockers or filtering is when we focus too much on the bad things and ignore the good things. This can make us only see the negative parts of a situation and not notice the positives. It's like when you only pay attention to one mean comment and ignore all the nice ones. This can make us feel bad about ourselves and not appreciate the good things around us. Have you found yourself in it? We all do it, I do too in various aspects and my student Savi inspired me to help you become aware of it and deal with it and succeed as the result. Take your time listening to it as it is the first time in your life you came across this topic and again - it's not what English teachers talk about so please meditate on my thoughts, let yourself grow and come to my vip 1-1 training to ask questions and be helped. You can do it!
Mental blockers in job interviews, IELTS speaking or communication as a whole
2024년 7월 9일 오전 9:36
How do you ask your boss for a promotion? Please read the exercise and execute it immediately to get a portion of speaking & thinking in English! In today's one-minute podcast number 23 of your spoken English enhancement, we talk about promotions at work, and I ask you some questions around this field. You'll find questions relating to you as to what you have done to ask for promotion, and you'll see some additional questions related to this topic. Here are some words you can apply when building your story,story, and do add more to enhance your'selfyour'self-presentation': job profession occupation professional career vocation life lifetime record streak resumé here is the podcast that will help you much: https://www.italki.com/en/post/MqIR1bs5OgSjoB0O6Ny8ue I trust in your success, and these kinds of daily trainings can assist you greatly inin opening your mouth and being less worried about what others might think of your performance! Join me for private 1-on-1on-1 spoken language enhancement for job interviews, IELTS speaking preparation,preparation, and improving communication skills in business and career fields. To Your Success Anatoly
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This episode is about 【Tourism boom:Foreigners visiting China】, you will learn how to say 【urbanized,visa-free,travel tips】 ect. The material helps you get used to different voice and accent. -------------------------------------------------- It is recommended that you study in the following ways: Step 1: Gist listening. Listen to get the main idea. (more times if necessary) Step 2: Read the text to find out words you didn't get, then look up the dictionary. Step 3: Listen and imitate as much as you can without looking at the text. Step 4: Write down what you hear if you want to practise writing. -------------------------------------------------- 博主 / bó zhǔ / Blogger 外交部 / wài jiāo bù / Ministry of Foreign Affairs 点赞 / diǎn zàn / give sb/sth a like 城市化 / chéng shì huà / urbanized 移民管理局 / yí mín guǎn lǐ jú / Immigration bureau 口岸 / kǒu àn / Port of Entry 入境 / rù jìng / enter a country 同比增长 / tóng bǐ zēng zhǎng / Year-on-year growth 免签 / miǎn qiān / Visa-free ~热度升温 / rè dù shēng wēn / the boom is heating up 中西合璧 / zhōng xī hé bì / a combination of Chinese and Western elements 碰撞 / pèng zhuàng / collide 火花 / huǒ huā / spark 梗 / gěng / joke,punchline 圈 / quān / Circle 拉家常 / lā jiā cháng / chit-chat 热闹劲儿 / rè nao jìn r / lively atmosphere 关键词 / guān jiàn cí / Keywords 攻略 / gōng lüè /(travel) tips
city不city啊 (Advanced level)
2024년 7월 7일 오전 3:44
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