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What makes a great online language community for learning? Please share your suggestions!
Have you already taken a quiz today? Did you know it’s one of the most popular learning tools on italki? You can find them now on our website, app homepage and the Discover page. Go and give one a try! We’ve also launched Quiz Sets, where you can challenge yourself by practicing 5 to 15 quizzes at a time. Additionally, you can set advanced filters to tailor the results to your personal learning needs. Quizzes are categorized into 7 different genres, choose a type which you’re most into. We've created a poll to see which areas people want to see improved. Thank you for your feedback!
What do you think we can do to improve the Quiz feature on italki? Tell us why and give your suggestions in the comments.
Offer more languages
Offer answer explanations
Favorite and share
Other (Leave your answer in the comments)
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11 maja 2022
Have you ever thought about your current language level? An online language test is a useful tool to evaluate your learning progress, and it can provide you with a clear overview of your strengths and weaknesses. We’ve made a poll to collect your thoughts about purchasing a language test and want to see your suggestions in the comment section. italki provides the opportunity for you to test your language level. Check the link below to have a try. https://www.italki.com/languageassessment
In what cases and with what purpose are you willing to purchase a language test to evaluate your language skills? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment!
To prove my language success and get a certificate
To find where to improve
To prepare for a mock exam, interview, etc
Other (Leave your suggestions in the comments)
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30 marca 2022
Do you know you're struggling with speaking American English and can't speak clearly enough like a native English speaker? Do you want people to completely understand you and not just make assumptions based on just a few of your words then have them depend on context and just 'hope for the best'? Have you been looking for an English tutor that will point out exactly what letter sounds you need to work on and then guide you through the process of actually making improvements with those sounds? Someone to point out your mouth movement errors when you speak? Someone to point out poor word choice? What someone to be your cheerleader and be proud of you when you do say things correctly but at the same time push you to be the best speaker that you can be? Want to finally speak like a confident and natural English speaker? Well have you looked at my tutor profile? Have you looked at my schedule? Have you booked my new student lesson?
28 lut 2024 13:26
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