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Learning tips Many students inquire about study methods after class. I want to express my love and respect for my students and dedicate myself to their progress. The method I've employed throughout my life is one I believe has no superior counterpart. I am confident that you can succeed with it too. The reason I could learn English and Mongolian faster than others lies in the attitude and humility I bring to language learning, fueled by curiosity to translate everything and the execution power to act on that curiosity. For example, while walking on the streets, I aimed to translate every situation into English. So, when I attempted sentence translation and encountered words I didn't know, I didn't get stressed; instead, I felt happy. This is because I love English, and being a non-native English speaker, there was no reason to feel frustrated even if I didn't know a word or couldn't recall it. (Merely focusing on memorization didn't lead to my improvement. I freed myself from the compulsion to memorize.) Therefore, when I attempted translation and encountered unknown parts, I would rush home, search on the internet or ask someone for each word, and try to create the sentences I wanted to translate. If it was correct, I felt even happier; if it was wrong, I was happy because it meant there was more to study myself automatically without someone's help. And then I even searched for words and sentences on YouTube and watched relevant random videos even if I didn't understand what that means, because I could find new words there too, and I could remember better with a lot of sense to study what I learned.
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15 lis 2023 01:46
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